Company Procedures


Gee-Bec Services Limited are committed to quality management and, as previously mentioned, our quality procedures are registered to EN BS ISO 9001 and our performance is constantly measured and reviewed through the use of interal KPI’s.


Standard procedures not only assist our staff as a measure for how each task should be undertaken, they also serve to provide our client with the standard they can expect when working with Gee-Bec Services Limited.


Furthermore, through quality procedures, site production can be monitored and recorded through the use of benchmarks, sign-off sheets and handover certificates.  All of which are presented to the Client for their own record purposes.


In addition, our procedures allow Gee-Bec Services Limited to adopt our Client’s own quality procedures for individual contracts, providing they meet the requirement of the Quality standard.


The whole of our procedures and company structure are designed to continually strive towards the provision of contracts which are completed on time, with no surprises and zero defects.

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