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Company Management and Structure


Gee-Bec Services Limited is currently led by the two founding Directors – Brian Woodley, Managing Director; and Yve Woodley, Financial Director; both of which are assisted by the rest of the Gee-Bec Services team.




A management structure which is capable of sustaining the planned growth and expansion of the company has been implemented and consists of :-


  • Senior managers being directly responsible to the directors, each with clearly defined lines of communication between each other.

  • The health & safety advisor is directly responsible to the Managing Director with clearly defined lines of communication to each of the senior managers, contracts managers, project managers, site managers and estimators.

  • Contracts managers and project managers responsible to the appropriate senior managers with clearly defined lines of communication to the health & safety advisor and estimators.

  • Site managers are responsible to contracts managers and project managers with clearly defined lines of communication to the health & safety advisor.


The Company's management is augmented by our high standard quality procedures, complying to EN BS ISO 9001:2000, which are audited both internally by a designated responsible member of staff and externally by our Quality Assurance accreditors.


Trade Labour and other Resources


We pride ourselves on the use of directly employed skilled labour on our projects. This enables us to provide labour where it is needed, when it is needed, and provide the quality of installation required through our QA procedures supported by the responsibility and ownership shown by our employees.


This offers our business partners continuity from one contract to the next and ensures that our team will develop the knowledge of your requirements to improve the efficiency of the project.


Our quality assurance procedures ensure that our supply chain is continually developed, monitored and reviewed. Specialist contractors are selected to suit the specific requirements of the project. 

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